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The midlife magic box 🎁

3 Modules

Self-assessment starter kit 🌟

Ready to level up your self-awareness game? Hop on and explore this science-based suite of tools curated just for YOU. 🚀 

Spin the 'wheel of life' for as snapshot of your life balance. 🎡 Measure your merriment with the 'subjective happiness scale', and unearth insights with the 'meaning in life questionnaire'. 📜

And that's just the beginning!

Time for a fun-filled deep dive into YOU. Jump in and let's sprinkle some discovery magic.

Purposeful pages 📝

Ready to dive deep into the pages of your soul? Welcome to our handpicked collection of Purposeful Pages journal prompts! 📝

From introspective questions that tug at your heart to thought-provoking nudges that challenge your perception - every prompt is a stepping stone to self-discovery. 

So, brew a cup of your favorite tea, cozy up in your cherished nook, and let these prompts guide your pen. Together, let's explore, reflect, and uncover the purposeful stories waiting within you.

Meditation for mindfulness 🧘‍♀️

Ready to embark on a soulful safari? Dive into our curated collection of guided meditations! 🌌

From the grounding vibes of the body scan meditation to a walking meditation that’ll make every step feel like a dance with the universe – I've got your zen zone covered!

Turn up the volume, get comfy or get moving, and let's meditate the fun way.

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